We have been hearing lots of requests from our customers to make it simpler to import data for Projects, Clients & Contacts, and People into (and export out of) Harvest. Recently we pushed out a series of updates to enable you to do just that.

Click on the Manage tab, and under Projects, Clients, People and Tasks, you’ll notice the new Import/Export button. Choose whatever action you need and just follow the simple set of instructions. More specifically, you can now:

  • Import projects into and Export projects out of Harvest via a CSV file (a standard spreadsheet format which you can prepare with Excel, Numbers or Google Docs). Note that you can also import projects via Basecamp and Highrise.  This will allow you review multiple projects’ information in one spot, and even print it out as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import and Export clients and client contacts via a CSV file.
  • Import and Export people via a CSV file. Harvest will automatically create an account and email each person of their log in credentials upon import (the email is optional).
  • Export all active tasks to a CSV file, so that you can see them all within an Excel file, and print out for review.

The new import/export features will make life a lot easier in setting up and managing project and clients easier within Harvest. Kudos to Doug for making this happen!

Thank you all for your feedback and support. Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about these updates!