Update 6am EST: A second network attack was directed at our datacenter in Dallas, effectively taking Harvest and Co-op offline for a further 60 minutes between 4:45 am EST and 5:45am EST. All service should now be restored once again. Softlayer, our datacenter provider, have assured us that the particular customer involved here has been removed from their network. Really sorry that Friday started out this way, folks. Thanks for your understanding.

Original incident: We are really sorry for a brief service interruption which affected some Harvest and Co-op users over the last hour or so. Around 2:05 am EST on Friday April 23 a directed network attack was launched against our datacenter provider in Dallas, TX. The target of the attack is unknown to us currently. Our datacenter provider had to take steps to mitigate the problem and this included interrupting many network services upon which Harvest depends. This meant that for 65 minutes between 2:05 am EST and 3:10 am EST Harvest and Co-op were unavailable, or incredibly slow, for some users. We are waiting for more details on the issue and hopefully steps which will be taken by our provider to mitigate these types of problems in the future.

Thanks for your patience and as always, for realtime status information we suggest you follow @harvest on Twitter.