UPDATE: Outright was acquired by Go Daddy in July of 2012.

We are excited to announce that Harvest now works with Outright, an online bookkeeping and accounting tool. Outright.com is a leading provider of online financial management for the self-employed. Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, Outright’s goal is to keep financial recordkeeping and management as simple as possible.

outright-time-tracking-integrationWhen it comes to bookkeeping, convenience is key to keeping your records up-to-date. With Outright and Harvest working together, you can now seamlessly pull your invoices from Harvest into Outright. Best of all, once you are set up, everything is automated so your Harvest invoices will automagically appear in Outright, updated on a daily basis.

With invoices recorded in your Outright account, you can take full advantage of Outright features, including reports on income, taxes, and profit & loss.

Outright users can enable the integration right away by clicking on the Harvest icon in the “Add an Account” page. If you’re a Harvest user without an Outright account, you can take advantage of this new integration by signing up for free.

We’re excited to add Outright to our list of partners in the cloud and we look forward to continuing helping small businesses by working together with others.