Harvest will be offline for 60 minutes between 1am EST to 2am EST on Sunday March 6th, 2011. What time is that for you?

This coming weekend, our datacenter provider is performing network maintenance to improve network redundancy. Many core services in the datacenter will be offline for 5 hours, between 1am – 6am EST, Sunday March 6th.

We have reconfigured a number of our systems so that we will be able to stay online during most of this maintenance, even when a large set of datacenter resources go offline. That said, we plan to take advantage of this maintenance to perform some upgrades of our own, increasing our storage capacity by more than 400%. For this reason, Harvest will be offline for 60 minutes.

During the extended 5 hour network maintenance we will be monitoring the progress and doing everything possible to keep Harvest systems online.

Follow @harvest on Twitter for real time updates from the team during this work, and thanks for your patience.