Harvest is known for its simple and intuitive timesheet interface. Underneath that simplicity is a layer of fairly complicated business logic. A time entry has several states, and can be locked for different reasons – for example, if a project has been archived, or the hours have been invoiced. Sometimes a locked timesheet needs to be edited, and it used to be a time consuming process to unlock the timesheet to make necessary changes.

Recently, we took a hard look at the underlying rules, and improved many use cases. The biggest interface update that you will notice is that now, administrators can edit locked time and expense entries without having to unlock them.

Administrators will notice that editing locked time and expenses now works just like editing unlocked entries – hover your mouse over a time or expense, and you’ll see the Edit and X buttons. Click Edit to fix discrepancies or mistakes on a locked timesheet, and maintain accuracy across your timesheets, reports, and invoices.

Additionally, we’ve simplified the explanations about locked time and expenses and unified these messages across views, creating a clean interface that helps you understand why your time is locked.

This update will help you make those small but necessary tweaks to your timesheet, and we hope you find it useful!