We’re announcing a change to our browser support policy. Starting January 2, Harvest will no longer support Internet Explorer 7. If you are still using IE7, please install a modern web browser to use with Harvest (such as Chrome or Firefox). You have a month and a half to upgrade, but we hope you’ll do it today (it’s free! it’s easy!).

We believe this change will benefit all of our customers. IE7 was released five years ago and is two major releases behind the latest version of Internet Explorer. IE7 offers limited (at best) support for many of the modern web browser features that applications like Harvest rely on. Right now, we’re employing hacks and crutches to make IE7 usable for only a small percentage of our customers, and removing these will improve the speed and performance of Harvest for everyone.

IE7 is a terrible browser for the modern web and it’s holding all of us back. Every hour spent hacking a fix is an hour that could have been spent building something awesome.