One of our most popular feature requests has been a more flexible user permissions system. Most importantly, administrators needed the ability to give project managers more control over their projects. We’re excited to announce that we’ve made this possible – administrators can now choose which project managers can create projects, view rates, or generate invoices for projects they manage.

Customizing User Permissions

There are three different roles that can be assigned under Manage > People:

Regular User – Mark someone as a regular user if they need to track time and expenses and view reports on their own activity.

Project Manager – PMs can see and approve time for projects they oversee, and they can view reports on those projects. Additionally, there are three optional permissions:

Permissions for project manager

  • Create projects – Allows PMs to create projects for all clients on the account.
  • View rates – Shows rates to PMs for all projects they manage.
  • Create invoices – Enables PMs to create invoices only for projects they manage. A project manager can view and edit an invoice until it’s sent by an administrator (only administrators can send invoices or record payments for them).

Administrators – If someone needs access to all time, projects, and reports in your account, this role is for them.

Roles are displayed next to everyone’s names in Manage >  People, so permissions are both flexible and easy to track. We hope the new user permissions result in a more shared and streamlined workflow across your team!