Update: This maintenance has been completed. Thank you for your patience as we upgraded servers affected by this critical performance bug in the Linux kernel. We totally understand the poor timing of this issue, this maintenance was not typical in any way, however our hand was forced by the severity of the issue.

Recently Harvest infrastructure has been affected by a Linux kernel bug, which causes poor performance on servers which otherwise are operating optimally. Upgrades have rolled out to all servers which can be updated without any impact to our application traffic. This bug is starting to affect enough servers to introduce risk for our application performance, such as our database servers and the clustering servers which keep the database cluster online.

Because of the number of servers affected by this bug, we are forced to take the unusual step of upgrading our entire database cluster in one go to return to acceptable performance. This unfortunately means we need to take Harvest offline for up to 30 minutes while the servers are upgraded.

During the day today, we’ll be keeping a close eye on server performance and plan to perform this upgrade tonight February 29th at 7pm EST. Harvest will be offline for maintenance for 30 minutes or less at this time. What time is that for you?.

Due to the nature of this issue, we may be forced to perform the upgrade sooner than 7pm EST today, in order to preempt unacceptable performance levels. This issue is not affecting the integrity of our customers’ data in any way, rather producing unacceptable levels of performance for affected servers.

We apologize in advance for this outage and assure you that Harvest performance is our top priority. Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our infrastructure.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the maintenance on HarvestStatus.com and via @harvest on Twitter.