The new Harvest Mobile Timesheet is now ready for everyone! 



New Features: Team Status & Recent Tasks

There are many tweaks and improvements to the interface. The two most significant features are:

  • Team Status. This feature is built for project managers who are constantly asking, “what’s the team working on?” This page automatically refreshes itself with the latest information, a little touch that busy project managers would surely appreciate. Note: for this first version, you’ll need to be an admin to see Team Status.
  • Recent Tasks. Instead of choosing from a list of projects and tasks, you can now quickly select from a list of five most recent tasks. Once you start using it, you’ll be amazed at how much faster it is to start a timer in Harvest.

And a tip: you can use the new mobile timesheet from your computer or iPad by going to

New Technology

This project is the first step of our ambitious endeavor to completely overhaul the Harvest Timesheet. The most impressive feat is a leaner and meaner engine built on Backbone.js. For those who are technically inclined, here’s an extensive article on the Harvest technology blog, Tech Time.

The new mobile timesheet looks and feels similar to a native iPhone App. The animations work well on iPhones, Android, and other mobile browsers. Making all of this happen was not a trivial task, and we spent a lot of time wrestling with the different browsers. The good news: all that hard work will be released as an open source library we’re calling Sidetap. Look for that on Tech Time next week. [Update: the Tech Time Post]

What’s Next?

We are experimenting with the design and technology on the new Harvest Mobile Timesheet, and will bring what we’ve learned to the desktop later this year. We’d like to thank the three hundred beta testers for their invaluable feedback!

For customers who are anxious for improvements to other parts of Harvest: we are actively tweaking and enhancing Harvest daily, and there are a couple of new features that we cannot wait to share with you soon.

Enjoy the new Harvest Mobile Timesheet, and as always, let us know what you think!