The internet has been co-existing with the infamous generic person (examples above) and his brethren for years. You’ve probably seen them around. They’re the gender-neutral, grayish, human-esque figures whose regular haunts include forums, social networks, and probably one or two of your account profiles. To be clear, they’re not evil. They’re just… there.


This week, we took some time to rethink our default profile pictures. We wanted to pull away from generic icons and make something fun and vibrant. So, from now on, all new people added to Harvest will be given one of three hand-painted clock tower avatars:

From left to right: Allen-Bradley Clock Tower (Wisconsin, US), Big Ben (London, England), Abraj Al-Bait Towers (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

When I said hand-painted, I meant I “painted” them on the iPad with one of my favorite apps, Brushes. We want to keep expanding on this idea and provide even more options for you in the future. If you know of any clock towers that you think would make a great profile picture, let us know and it could make it into the next batch!