There’s a brand new Harvest Timesheet coming your way next week. It’s faster, simpler, roomier, and better designed.

The new timesheet is completely re-written and re-imagined, driven by one goal: to make it faster and easier to track time.

From our customer research, we found that most people love the simplicity of our current timesheet. But there are a few fundamental problems: the project and task selectors can get long and make it hard to find things once you have too many projects, the timesheet becomes “stale” if you leave it open in your browser without manually refreshing, and if you use the day view (like most of us here), it’s a hassle to review your progress for the week. The new timesheet design solves these problems, and we believe you will be pleased with the new experience.

From a technical standpoint, the new timesheet is a necessary fresh start for our team. The code behind the current timesheet has served us well for the past six years, but it has become difficult to maintain and nearly impossible to enhance. We applied everything we learned from our new mobile timesheet to create fast, approachable code. The experience for customers is markedly improved, and the robustness of the code will allow future improvements to be delivered much more quickly.

We cannot wait to show you the fruits of our labor next week. We believe you are going to love how snappy everything feels, and we hope the faster timesheet means that you can spend less time tracking time, and more time on the important things.

9/26 Update: A couple of notes to clear up some confusion:

  • There will be a new timesheet week view. The new week view has been redesigned and rewritten from scratch, and will be just as fast and easy as the new day view.
  • Timestamps will be supported. The new timesheet is not taking away any feature you’ve grown used to. For those who prefer to track time based on start and end times, not only will you be able to continue doing so, we have made a couple of small but useful improvements to the interaction.