We have been making a lot of improvements to the new Harvest Timesheet. Today, I wanted to show power users the fastest way to use it.

Knowing just a few simple keyboard shortcuts, you can start a timer or enter time without ever having to use a mouse.



  • n‘ to open up the new entry form,
  • Use tab to move between the form elements,
  • esc‘ to cancel out of the form,
  • If you are tracking time via duration, we accept a variety of formats (1.2 = 1 hour and 12 minutes) and simple time math.
  • If you are using timestamps, we understand “11.25” or “1125” (faster than typing 11:25) or “9a”, short for 9:00am.

We’re starting out with a limited and simple set of shortcuts, and we’d love to hear what shortcuts you’d like to see for the timesheet!