Update: We’ve been awarded Xero’s Add-on Partner of the Year for 2013. Thank you for your support!

Great news! We are excited to announce a new integration with Xero, a popular online accounting platform. You can now have invoices automatically copied from Harvest into Xero for your accounting records. You can also manually copy any unsent or updated invoices by using a simple drop down menu right from an invoice.

With both Harvest and Xero at your disposal, it’s now possible to streamline your business processes from start to finish. Track project time and budgets as usual in Harvest. Then invoice off the tracked time with one-click in Harvest. The invoice is copied over to Xero via the integration.

In Xero, financial transactions are pulled from your bank accounts so you can run reconciliation, payroll, and keep an accurate picture of cashflow.

To set up the integration, just go to Account Settings in Harvest and select Connect to Xero. You’ll then be sent to Xero to confirm the integration. That’s all there is to it. From Xero, you can easily jump back to Harvest to see your original invoices.

For more information, check out our Help Center.



Special thanks to all of our beta testers and the team at Xero for making this integration go so smoothly.