UPDATE: This migration has been successful. Harvest is back online in our new data center. If you are seeing any issues in your account, or are having trouble accessing Harvest, please email support@harvestapp.com with details. Thank you all for your support as we made this large migration.

In September of 2011, we moved Harvest to a new data center. That turned out to be a great move for our customers, solving a few reliability issues. Since 2011, Harvest has grown. A lot. We now have more resources online to serve your data, and every week brings record traffic volume. We’ve also been severely impacted by natural disasters and other challenges. We’ve been looking for a data center we can really stretch out in, a facility that has an impecable track record, and a vendor with an excellent reputation. We believe we have found all three with ServerCentral.

We have deployed a new set of servers with ServerCentral in the Chicago area and are getting ready to turn them on. The facility we have deployed our servers in is one of the highest quality data centers out there. The engineering behind the power and infrastructure systems in the building is some of the best in the industry. Besides the facility itself, a lot of work has gone into making this new server cluster more tolerant of everyday failures. Building this base cluster we have high trust in is only the first step in our global availability plan.

In order to perform the final sync of customer data to the new facility in the safest possible way, we need to take Harvest offline for up to 3 hours. This is going to take place Sunday, April 28th, between 9am – 12pm EDT. What time is that for you?

During this window, you’ll see a maintenance notice if you access your Harvest account. We will work as fast as humanly possible to get rid of that maintenance notice and get you back to your important data. During the work we’ll keep you updated via Twitter and on HarvestStatus.com.

Thanks for your support.