UPDATE: Maintenance has now been completed successfully at 12:33am EDT on June 5th.  Everything is operating as expected with Harvest once again.  If you experience any problems, try clearing your web browser’s cache and reloading the page you’re on.  If you need assistance with this, or with anything else, please drop us a line at support@harvestapp.com. Thank you!

UPDATE: Due to availability issues with one of our vendors, we have postponed this maintenance window to Tuesday June 4th, between 10pm – 12am EDT. What time is that for you?

We’re making some changes to the way Harvest is delivered from our servers to your computer (for those of you with Rails knowledge, we’re rolling out Asset Pipeline across Harvest). Because the changes affect every page in Harvest, we wanted to give you some advance warning just in case you’re using Harvest at the time and it doesn’t seem quite right.

Harvest will be in scheduled maintenance mode on Tuesday June 4th, between 10pm – 12am EDT.  What time is that for you? We are not planning to take Harvest offline during this maintenance window, but there could be temporary performance or availability issues during this window as we roll out this change.

As always, we appreciate your support! We will update the progress of this upgrade via @harvest and HarvestStatus.com