Today you might have noticed a slight change to the location of your Account Settings. Take a look at the top right of your Harvest account, and you’ll see Settings in its new home.


This change is twofold:

  1. Account Settings is now called Company Settings (don’t worry, it’s just a name change—all the functions are the same).
  2. Company Settings is now right in your top navigation menu. One click and you’re there!

Why the change? That’s a two-fer too.

First, this refreshed design is in preparation for future updates. Behind the scenes, our team is working hard to make Harvest better. Part of those improvements involve easier navigation, and this update is the first step.

Second, we’ve heard a lot of feedback that our Company Settings were hard to find. We’re not a fan of hiding features, and by pulling Settings into the main navigation, they’ll be both easier and quicker to access.

We think this change will be a nice tweak for a lot of Harvest admins (don’t fret, all you project managers and regular users—this change won’t affect you). Got any questions? Let us know at!