I often think of software improvements happening in leaps and bounds—major changes, obvious design upgrades, brand new features. Think Mavericks to Yosemite, Harvest’s own Projects upgrade, Dots to TwoDots (other fans out there, how do you get past level 58?!).

The truth is, though, we’re always polishing things up, moving toward better design and interaction. And those things often go unnoticed. And those things can be really useful!

One of the most handy undercover upgrades we made recently improves your Uninvoiced Report. Remember when that report showed you a long list of all projects, even if some of those projects were completely invoiced? Good news: You don’t have to do that anymore. Take a gander at this sly little filter:


Click it, and you’ll hide all projects that are fully invoiced. This filter changed my list of over 100 projects to a list of 5. Woot!

Polishes like this are usually quiet, without fanfare. Granted, some, like this one, require you to take an action to have effect, but others work under cover of subtlety. And I think that’s a strength. You may not notice a slight change in font size, the consistent use of a word, a second-faster load time. But a small change can have a big impact. In the long run, you’ll feel it. And it just feels…better.