It seems like just yesterday when we launched our Trello Power-Up that allows you to track time right from Trello cards. Today, we released additional features to our Power-Up that display Harvest time tracked within Trello so that you can see hours within the context of a board and card. If you ever wanted to get a sense for how much time was spent on a card or board, the answer is now right in front of you!

See Who’s Been Working on a Card

You can now attach a time report to each Trello card. This report will show who tracked time to the card, and how much. Previously you had to export a report from Harvest to get this data. With this new feature, you can quickly see who’s worked on a card and for how long, at a glance. This should be enough motivation to start all your timers from Trello, right?

Trello Attach Time Report

Total Time Tracked to a Board

You’ll see a Harvest logo in the top right corner of Trello boards now. The total hours tracked to the board, by all members of your team, will display next to the Harvest logo. This is a completely new datapoint for your team to analyze–you weren’t able to get this by exporting a report from Harvest.

Trello Power-Up Total Board Time

These features will give you insights into your Harvest data right in Trello, alongside the details of your project work. Here’s a handy guide on how our Trello Power-Up works. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know!