It’s been quiet here on the Harvest blog. Perhaps a bit too quiet…

The thing is, we’ve been heads down on a few big features. You’ll hear more about those later this year.

But every day, we also push out small updates that fly under the radar. This post will cover a few of those features, so you don’t miss out!

Archive People Faster

Our new Team section has been a hit. But unfortunately, archiving someone could take up to five clicks!

We didn’t like that, especially since archiving helps save money. If a contractor completes their work or a teammate moves on, just archive them. Then you can update your Settings to save a few bucks.

Now archiving in the Team section is quicker. Just click a person’s name, then choose Archive from their new Actions menu. Plus, we refreshed your list of Archived Users, so you can restore with just one click.

archive menu

Filter Your Expense Report by Department

If you’ve got a larger account, our department feature helps speed up reporting. Just specify who’s in which department. Then you can filter Reports > Detailed Time by department (instead of manually selecting each person to report on).

Why hasn’t that filter been on the Expense Report?

Good question, without a good answer. Now, you can filter your Expense Report by department, too.

department filter

Report on Unsubmitted Time

If you use our Approval feature, you’re probably familiar with Timesheets > Unsubmitted. It’s a little ol’ report to help you track down who isn’t tracking time. Plus, it lets you send reminder emails to your teammates.

If you head there today, you’ll notice a revamped design, and a more obvious way to set up your weekly email reminders.

unsubmitted time report

Link Your Project Notes

A lot of people put URLs in their Project Notes for easy access to things like contracts, estimates, or designs. Those URLs weren’t active, and you had to cut and paste them into your browser. Yuck.

Now if you view a project’s Analysis page, those links will be active. Just click and go!

project link

Know Your Password’s Strength

We enforce certain password requirements to make it hard for bad guys to get into your account.

But when we introduced Harvest ID, there was no way to tell if your password met our requirements. You had to guess, and if you guessed wrong, we’d stop you in your tracks. Well intentioned, but kind of annoying.

Now it’s easier to know if your password is good! With the help of the savvy and amusingly unpronounceable library zxcvbn, we implemented a password strength indicator that’ll be useful every time you need to reset.

That’s It, for Now

These are just a few things we’ve been working on behind the scenes. We’ll keep you posted in the coming months with more updates about these small improvements—and some bigger ones too.

And with that, I’m off to help work on those things. Until next time, time trackers!