Getting paid for the work you do should be simple – but with manual time tracking, accurately tracking hours and payroll is more work than it’s worth. 

Enter: the electronic timesheet. With this powerful technology, businesses can now streamline their processes and improve their bottom line with ease.

(Thank goodness for that.)

Let’s zoom in on electronic timesheets and how they can boost your bottom line for the better. 

How Electronic Timesheets Boost Net Incomes

Apart from its benefits to project management and cost estimation, using an electronic timesheet can help you save time and money, improve accuracy, and simplify payroll processing. 

Here are 4 ways electronic timesheets will help your bottom line:

1. Modern Timesheets Track Billable Hours More Accurately

With a precise online timesheet app, businesses can accurately track billable hours and monitor project progress in real-time. This allows managers to quickly spot any discrepancies or problems that might happen while working on a project. In turn, there can be effective cost control and more accurate estimates of project costs.

2. Transactions Are Seamless With Direct Deposit Payments

Yes, payments and online timesheets now go hand-in-hand! The same online timesheet app that records hours can also provide direct deposit payments in one click. This eliminates the need for manual input and payment processing, reducing costs associated with postage fees and other charges associated with paper processes.

3. Timesheets Are Accessible From Any Electronic Device

Gone are the days of having to be at your desk to access timesheets or payroll information. With today’s technology, you can easily access electronic timesheets from any electronic device – a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – making it easier for employees to track their time and get paid accurately and quickly regardless of where they work.

4. Automatic Reminders And Payment Status Updates Keep You Organized

Manually tracking payments can be a total nightmare. An electronic timesheet will help you stay on top of things with automatic reminders, alerts, and updates about payment statuses. This eliminates the need for manual follow-ups and reduces administrative costs associated with managing payroll data.

Do More With Harvest

Businesses use multiple tools nowadays to manage projects and staff. Switching from one app to another just to check the status of a project or timesheet can slow down productivity – but with Harvest, you can do it all in one place.

On top of all the benefits we've mentioned, Harvest offers advanced integrations with many other popular project management and cloud applications. We’ve designed it so that you can consolidate all aspects of your business in one place, from invoicing to timesheets, and ensure better efficiency with automated processes.

With Harvest’s integrated electronic timesheet system, you can do more with less time and effort – enabling your business to get the most out of its operations. Try it today for free to experience the difference.