When it comes to making decisions, are you more likely to take quick action or do you prefer to take your time and do additional research to weigh all of your options? It’s a balance. You need a little bit of both — quick-fire and researcher. 

For business decisions, taking your time may be the best bet as your decisions can impact multiple people on your team or in other departments. It’s important that you weigh all of your options, sift through them, find the one that is the best fit for your needs, and then make an informed decision. 

When you’re looking for the best employee time tracking app, you might just want to review which apps are out there before deciding which one works best for your business. You’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

We have reviewed the best employee time tracking apps for you. There are quite a few options, so let’s get into it.

Overview of time tracking apps

Time tracking apps are invaluable for employers who need to manage employees’ work hours for productivity, scheduling, and accurate billing. With mobile access and robust features like billable-hours tracking, projected project costs, invoicing, and reporting capabilities, the best employee time tracking app can be a valuable addition to any business.

Time tracking has become an integral part of business management, as it offers more precise insight into employee hours and labor costs. Time tracking apps provide employers with the ability to effectively track employee work hours, generate invoices, get paid quickly, review standard reports and data, and more. To help you determine which time tracking app is best for your business, we have compared several of the top-paid plans' monthly pricing options available.

Pricing options vary depending on the time tracking software provider, but the below give you a glimpse into ballpark pricing: 

  • Free (team of 1)
  • Annual memberships range from $8-$16/per user (or seat)
  • Monthly memberships range from $9-$20/per user (or seat)
  • Most providers offer discount incentives depending on team size (i.e., 50+ people, receive 15% off an annual subscription) 

As noted above, some solutions offer freemium versions. These tend to lack certain features, but are suitable for smaller-sized companies or individual users looking to just try out different software versions without committing to any significant financial investments upfront. These time tracking apps can be especially valuable if you need to stay compliant with labor laws, manage multiple projects, or even track employees’ remote work.

These top-notch apps offer an array of options and features to suit the needs of any business. When deciding on the best time tracking app for your team, consider your current workflow and the needs of your operation in order to make the most out of these apps and streamline your employee time tracking.

It's important to consider what features you need. Depending on the size and scope of your operations, some features may be more useful than others. For example, if you have multiple projects running simultaneously, you may want an app that allows for job costing or project scheduling in order to keep track of each employee's workload. On the other hand, if you're just looking for basic time tracking, a simpler app may work just fine.

When it comes to choosing the best employee time tracking solution for your business, think about how you want to integrate it with other tools. For instance, if you need to sync data between applications or ensure labor law compliance, then look for an app that can provide those features.

Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, the right employee time tracking app can help you manage your employees’ hours and projects more efficiently. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is best.

Best basic time tracking apps

These apps are solid performers for general time tracking needs. Sit tight because we will be covering time tracking apps for specific needs in the next section.


Harvest is an excellent choice for companies looking for a reliable time tracking app that is user-friendly and packed with features. It’s designed to streamline employee engagement with timesheets, invoice management, and more. Thanks to its integration with many third-party services, including Slack, QuickBooks, Asana, Zendesk, and Salesforce, users can quickly track how their time is being used across multiple projects and departments. 

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a solution designed to help businesses keep track of their employees' work habits, ensuring productivity remains at an optimal level. Its interface allows users to set up tasks, track time spent on those tasks, and view real-time reports. Its integrations with popular project management tools such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp make it an option for businesses that need to maintain oversight across multiple projects.


ClockIt offers a comprehensive solution for employee time tracking as well as monitoring employee productivity. It allows managers to easily track and calculate work hours, set up alerts and reminders, and even generate payroll reports in just a few clicks. Additionally, ClockIt's cloud-based architecture ensures that all data is securely stored and automatically updated across devices.


WorkPuls is an employee time tracking app that offers advanced analytics to help managers improve team efficiency and performance. With WorkPuls, managers can access detailed reports on their employees’ activity levels, such as how much time they spend in certain applications or when their most productive hours are. This allows them to quickly identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to increase their team’s performance.


Timeero is an employee time tracking app that makes it easy to track employee hours and attendance. Its automated system allows managers to set up custom rules and get real-time updates on their workforce’s hours, making it a great choice for those who need an efficient time tracking solution. Timeero offers features like geofencing, shift scheduling, and project tracking to ensure that the data collected is accurate and up-to-date.


Hubstaff is an innovative employee tracking solution that helps businesses stay on top of their remote workforce. It can be used to accurately measure and record the time worked, as well as computer usage including mouse and keyboard strokes. With its mobile GPS feature for tracking staff movement, this is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses can use its automatic payment tools to process payments with ease. With the Hubstaff mobile app being available on both iOS and Android devices, businesses can now access real-time data inputs from a wide range of devices in order to get a comprehensive understanding of their own internal operations anywhere, anytime.


TimeCamp is a time tracking app that makes it easy for businesses to monitor their workforce. It has a simple user interface which makes it suitable for new users as well as those with more complex needs. TimeCamp also offers an array of features including automatic time tracking, attendance tracking, project management tools, and even integration with other popular software like QuickBooks. 

Best time tracking apps for specific purposes


When I Work: several locations, hourly employees

When I Work offers an innovative and affordable way for businesses with hourly employees to track their time. This app is especially beneficial for those with multiple locations since it is offered at per-employee pricing. Not only does this make it easier for companies to manage various locations, but it also allows them to save costs since they aren't paying for unnecessary extras like some of the other options out there.

The app itself is mobile-friendly and easy to set up, making it ideal for employees on the go. In addition, you can build shift schedules in advance so that workers are alerted when it's time to clock in. All these features make When I Work one of the best choices for businesses with hourly employees across multiple locations.

Favorite features

When I Work is a cloud-based time management system that provides small businesses with an efficient and cost-effective way to handle employee scheduling, time tracking, and messaging. Its standout features include a mobile app that allows employees to clock in and out with ease and accuracy, ensuring reliability when it comes to attendance records. This app also makes it possible for employers to set up rules regarding clock-in times, account for breaks, and prevent buddy punching; so they can easily monitor their workers’ time spent on the job.

The When I Work app also provides users with geofencing capabilities. This feature allows employers to set a particular geographic area in which their workforce needs to be present in order for them to be able to clock in or out. Additionally, this system includes messaging technology that allows businesses to easily communicate with their employees; making sure everyone is up-to-date and aware of necessary information relevant to the job duties they are assigned. With features like these, When I Work definitely lives up to its name as a full-fledged workforce management solution.

Homebase: small businesses

Homebase is a great choice for small businesses, such as restaurants and retailers with one physical location. Its free plan already offers many features that other providers might offer in their paid plans, so it can be very economical in the long run. Homebase has integrated tools for tracking the actual working hours of employees and creating staff schedules, as well as tools to help you stay compliant with overtime rules and labor budgeting.

Although there are some drawbacks to using Homebase, like the lack of invoicing capabilities or reports accessible through its mobile app, this is somewhat offset by its strong performance in terms of pricing, mobile app time tracking features, ease of use, and popularity amongst users.

Favorite features

Homebase has a mobile app that allows your staff to clock in and out using their own PIN codes and GPS functionalities so you can see exactly where employees are clocking in/out from. Homebase also differs from the other time tracking tools by charging on a per-location basis instead of a per-employee basis. This makes it ideal for employers who are planning on growing their workforce in one location since they don’t have to worry about purchasing extra user seats.

Another advantage of choosing Homebase is its feature-rich free tier, which offers many useful hiring, scheduling, and time tracking tools that may be unavailable in other time tracking services. In addition, the free tier of Homebase comes with an internal team messenger and a self-service portal where employees can manage their own personal information. Not only does this make it easier for employers to stay on top of employee data but it also saves them the need to purchase additional HR software too. 

Clockshark: construction businesses

ClockShark is one of the best time tracking software choices for construction and field businesses. Its advanced features like crew punch and supervisors clocking in for staff make it ideal for minimizing time theft associated with outdoor work.

However, although reasonably priced compared to other options, ClockShark isn't free like Homebase and it can be more expensive than Deputy too. In addition, its lack of custom reports and some user reviews complaining about mobile app glitches or GPS tracking issues hindered its higher ranking on our list. Still, companies in need of a reliable yet affordable way to document the actual work hours of their field employees should definitely consider giving ClockShark a try.

Favorite features

ClockShark is a time tracking and scheduling software designed to help businesses more accurately capture and manage employee hours. It offers a range of features and tools designed to streamline the entire process, including mobile app capabilities, manager notifications, job and customer management, and geofencing.

With ClockShark’s comprehensive mobile app, employees can clock in and out from wherever they are—even without internet connectivity. Plus, managers will be instantly notified about early clock-ins/outs or when an employee clocks outside of the defined geofence. Administrators can also view all team members on a map, schedule shifts for each team member, and even navigate to job sites using the address provided in the app.

ClockShark also provides powerful job and customer management capabilities that other similar programs may not match up to. Included in its suite are tools to quickly view which customers are associated with each project or job as well as attach files like pictures of completed tasks or receipts as needed. All in all, it provides all the necessary functionalities that businesses need when it comes to accurately tracking time while keeping everything organized.

LawBillity: legal firms & agencies

LawBillity is an excellent solution for legal firms and agencies that need time tracking and billing features. It includes time entries, hourly rates, flat fees, photo receipt attachments, invoices, payment processing, and more. With the mobile app version of Lawbillity users can easily track their time on the go while also managing accounts receivables.

Additionally, LawBillity offers industry-specific features such as transforming tracked data into LEDES and LSS invoice formats. This makes it one of the most versatile solutions for legal services providers looking for easy time tracking tools.

Favorite features

LawBillity's mobile app includes time tracking, expense, payment, and invoice tools. It even has an offline option, which means you can still track time without an internet connection. You can also use multiple timers—an option that only LawBillity offers—which is helpful when dealing with another client while you're in the middle of something else. This means one timer is paused while the other one is running. When the second timer is stopped, you can resume the other one.

Clockify: companies with freelance employees

Clockify's time tracking software is perfect for businesses that employ freelancers. This handy tool can capture both billable and non-billable hours worked by your team, ensuring you get paid for the time they spend on projects. What makes the software even better is its free version, which allows you to track hours on an unlimited number of projects with unlimited users—no strings attached!

Unlike tools from Homebase or Deputy, Clockify doesn't require employees to clock in or out. All they have to do is enter the name of their project or task, then click a start/stop button to record the actual hours spent working on it. That makes it easier for business owners with freelance staff to manage their workflows effectively and accurately measure productivity. 

Favorite features

Clockify is a powerful employee tracking software that provides users with various standout features. One of the main highlights of Clockify is its mobile app. This app can be used to accurately track time and review reports on any Android or iOS device. The mobile app also makes it easy to request time off, record expenses, and even track locations providing employers with an invaluable tool for managing their business. Additionally, the developer is incredibly responsive to user feedback and has built a strong relationship with customers by responding promptly to inquiries.

Another great feature that stands out when using Clockify is its flexible time tracking functions which allow employees to track work hours both via computers and web browsers or through their mobile devices. Although Apple Watches are not supported yet, the developers are taking care of customer requests and trying to make Clockify as reliable as possible by implementing new features based on what users want to see in the software. Furthermore, you won’t be able to set up a tablet as a centralized time tracking kiosk—a functionality available in other programs like Homebase, When I Work, Deputy, and QuickBooks Time—but overall Clockify provides an all-in-one package for employee management functions.

TSheets: businesses with remote workers

TSheets is an ideal choice for companies whose employees are often on the go or work remotely. This app allows managers to create, edit and approve employee time cards directly from their laptop or mobile device. It boasts a real-time payroll integration feature, allowing users to automatically update their payroll system with accurate employee hours.

Favorite features

TSheets offers several stand-out features that set it apart from other employee time tracking apps. First, its “Time Clock Kiosk” feature allows employees to clock in and out of a shared device, such as an iPad or tablet, which eliminates the need for individual time cards. This also enables managers to gain real-time visibility into their workforce’s attendance and locations.

Moreover, TSheets has an “On the Clock” feature that allows employees to clock in and out and switch between tasks from any device. This makes it easy for managers to monitor employee progress and make sure everyone is working efficiently. TSheets also offers custom reporting features that give managers quick access to detailed insights into their workforce’s performance.

QuickBooks Time: QuickBooks users 

QuickBooks Time is a resourceful tool for keeping track of costs related to attendance, managing vacation time, employee scheduling, and total budget reports. It’s a smart choice for QuickBooks users since they can easily import data from QuickBooks into QuickBooks Time. 

Mobile apps make it easier to track hours spent on jobs and its billable hours and job costing tools earned perfect scores in popularity and mobile app ratings. However, while QuickBooks Time excels on many fronts, its pricing plans may not be worth the money. But overall, most users agree that it provides an easy route to manage time tracking and capture billable hours which makes using this tool well worth it.

Favorite features

QuickBooks Time can make managing employee time and attendance much easier. The mobile app allows users to track employee hours, view schedules, and manage leaves and holidays while on the move. Plus it has the added bonus of providing standard reports. It has a helpful project tracking feature that lets you compare labor estimates versus actual hours, so you can quickly check the status of any job.

One standout feature is the geofencing and geolocation tracking capability–when employees enter a job site, QuickBooks Time will automatically remind them to clock in or out. And for businesses that need to keep an eye on field workers, GPS coordinates are displayed on a map so managers can actually trace the route taken throughout the day. This level of detail and accuracy makes it much easier to monitor remote staff members’ activities efficiently and accurately.

Fingercheck: startups and small businesses

Fingercheck is a good solution for startups and small businesses looking to handle their HR, time tracking, and payroll in one convenient place. This comprehensive platform offers everything from employee onboarding to benefits management tools. 

What sets Fingercheck apart from competitors like Homebase is its mobile app that allows employees to clock in/out with photo and GPS tagging, view schedules and time sheets, track PTO balances, and request time off. On the flip side, employers can review and approve timesheets, enter punches for their employees, preview, and process payroll quickly and painlessly, and run reports easily using more than 450 built-in reporting tools, among many other features.

Though Fingercheck's plans tend to be more expensive than similar options out there on the market today, we still recommend it as an all-in-one HR solution because of its overall value. It’s certainly worth checking out if you're looking into comprehensive HR solutions for your business.

Favorite features

Fingercheck offers many things that make it a good selection for an employee management system for businesses. One of the main advantages is its mobile app-based time tracking. Not only does it accurately track hours, but also comes with GPS features so managers can track exactly where their employees are located. 

Employees can view and request time off from within the app, giving managers quick and clear visibility of who’s clocking in or out as well as other important information regarding team members. Fingercheck provides a convenient and affordable way to run the payroll on the go without any stress or worry about accuracy.

All payroll processing and reports are handled by the app and require minimal manual intervention. With pay stubs accessible digitally through their accounts and digital insurance cards, employees have easy access to all payroll records they need in one place at all times while keeping managers informed regarding employee attendance records with just a few clicks. Fingercheck also encourages employee engagement by allowing them to monitor their payroll information whenever they log into their accounts.

Deputy: rotating staff companies

Deputy is a great solution for businesses with rotating staff members. It’s especially useful in this situation because it offers its Flexi Weekly plan option which includes the low cost of keeping inactive employees in the system. 

Unlike other tools, Deputy has both scheduling and time tracking features included, as well as its ability to keep current employees' information up-to-date without having to reenter their data. Despite what seemed like a perfect fit for businesses with inconsistent staffing needs, Deputy lacks built-in invoicing tools, reports are inaccessible through the mobile app, and it isn’t popular among users. 

Favorite features

Deputy boasts a comprehensive suite of features that can help you keep tabs on your employees and their attendance efficiently. With its mobile app, you can monitor employee attendance from any Android or iOS device in real-time. Plus, Deputy's free plan is available in the US, making it an affordable option for smaller businesses to get started.

Another feature that really sets Deputy apart from other time tracking solutions is its ability to support touchless clock-ins with voice commands and facial recognition scans via the Deputy Kiosk app for tablets. This allows employees to quickly clock in and out without having to physically touch anything, which further reduces human error and helps promote good hygiene at work. I

They even offer clock-in/out support via an Apple Watch—a functionality that most of the other software mentioned here doesn’t offer. All in all, these features make Deputy an extremely powerful and user-friendly time tracking tool for workplaces of all sizes.

Source: fitsmallbusiness.com


Okay. So, we’ve given you quite a bit of information about a lot of time tracking software. For obvious reasons, we would be remiss not to give you a quick rundown on our personal favorite — Harvest.

Time tracking with Harvest is easy, powerful, and frictionless. Harvest has automated online custom invoicing and real-time insights into how your projects are progressing. Our software leaves nothing to chance, enabling you to boost your bottom line and improve your team’s level of productivity. You really can’t beat that.

When you’re done with guesswork and you want a project management software that makes time tracking painless, Harvest is your answer. It’s a robust tool that provides automatic time tracking capabilities so that hours worked are precisely accounted for without any undue effort. 

What’s more, Harvest is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with other software solutions like QuickBooks Online, Stripe, PayPal, and more, allowing your team to stay both connected and up-to-date. 

With Harvest’s unmatched time tracking features, powerful analytics, invoicing tools, and on-the-go access, you and your team can stay focused on the most important tasks and get more done - no matter the industry and no matter your role. You can try Harvest for free today. Check us out with no risk, just reward.

So what?

You can spend hours upon hours hunting for the perfect employee time tracking app. You may even go down the rabbit hole of the internet and never make a decision. We don’t want you to do that. That’s frustrating.

Let’s have a chat about your time tracking needs. We can set you up with a free trial and show you exactly how Harvest can help make the most of your time and money.