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The results are in: G2 awarded Harvest with 18 badges in the Time Tracking and Project Cost management categories as part of their Spring 2024 Grid Report. Additionally, we were placed on the Capterra Shortlist and named a Software Advice Front Runner, making it a solid award season overall. 

We’re honored once again to receive these awards  — and since all of these recognitions are based on customer reviews, it’s great to see how Harvest helps great businesses thrive

Take a look at a few highlights from our awards below. 

Highlights from our award list 

In addition to earning the Leader award in both categories, a few badges that we’re particularly proud of include: 

Easiest Setup, Easiest Admin, Most Implementable 

More than 70,000 businesses use Harvest every day because even though it’s packed with powerful features and tools, it’s very easy to adopt and hit the ground running on a daily basis — without having to put your team through a burdensome training process. 

“We've tried a lot of time management and estimating software, and this was by far our favorite,” G2 Reviewer Melanie Huff says. “I've been able to train staff of all ages on the software quickly and efficiently.” 

Best Support

We pride ourselves on our ability to not only provide the best customer experience as possible, but also to ensure our customers are making the most of the product. It’s an honor to see how much of an impact our stellar support team’s efforts have had. 

“The technical support staff at Harvest is very competent, quick to respond, and has great solutions,” G2 reviewer and HR Analyst Leidy Antonio said. 

They’re always ready to help with any questions, so never hesitate to reach out

Capterra Shortlist

Capterra placed us at the top of their shortlist for time tracking software. The Capterra Shortlist charts the highest-rated and most popular software products by combining verified user ratings and publicly available web search popularity data. 

These two dimensions are used to rank top products, all independent of vendor influence. Which is why the award means so much to us! Here’s an example of a great Capterra review from a valued Harvest customer: 

“The software does exactly what it needs to, we have ZERO problems with it, it is affordably priced ... what's not to like?” — Brock P., Vice President of Marketing Retail. 

Software Advice FrontRunner

Like Capterra, Software Advice also named us as a leader in time tracking by giving us the title of FrontRunner for 2024. Their FrontRunners report ranks software based on customer reviews to help consumers find the best product for them.

“From day one it was intuitive and easy to use,” Software Advice reviewer Shannon, a marketing professional, said. “It's a time tracking tool, so it really doesn't need to be complicated. The creators have managed to perfectly combine functionality and a straightforward interface with enough features to also make it versatile for various types of businesses and projects.” 

How Harvest can work for you

Harvest time tracking makes it easy to capture time, gain insights from past projects, and get paid for your work — all in one place. When you start your free trial, you’ll benefit from the following features and more. 

Empowering insights

Harvest’s time and expense tracking capabilities allow you to learn from the past by capturing critical project data.This way you can keep current projects on track, understand which projects are profitable, and know when it’s time to take on new business or grow your team. 

Intuitive time tracking

We designed Harvest to be a flexible time tracking solution that your team will actually want to use. We’re integrated with the tools you already know and love, and your team can easily use it from wherever they work. 

Easy invoicing

With Harvest, you’re able to turn tracked time and expenses into invoices and collect payment quickly with integrated online payments. Even better, you can automatically copy your Harvest invoices and payments to QuickBooks Online or Xero for simplified accounting.

Join thousands of customers who use Harvest to easily track time, gain insights, and get paid, all in just a few clicks. Start your free trial today