Dealing with projects, remote teams, freelancers, and contractors can become a headache if you cannot efficiently track their progress in terms of meeting essential deadlines or hitting key milestones.

In order to capitalize on your team’s efforts and meet your timelines, having the power of a time tracking app like Harvest will give your operations the boost it needs. 

With its seamless time tracking features, accurate timesheets, and reporting capabilities, this tool will help you calculate tracked time and stay on top of your goals and objectives. 

Why use a powerful time tracking app?

A powerful time tracking app like Harvest is an invaluable tool for any business or individual looking to maximize efficiency and productivity. By calculating work hours down to the minute, you can identify how best to allocate your resources and ensure all deadlines are met. 

Time tracking apps also help you accurately calculate the number of billable hours worked, the progress made on projects, and the impact of changes on workflows, which allows you to make informed decisions about how to spend your time more wisely and efficiently. 

Additionally, with reporting capabilities, you can quickly identify any potential problems before they become significant issues.

Keep deadlines and milestones on track

Using an app like Harvest that can serve as a time tracking calculator helps you keep deadlines and milestones on track and provides increased visibility into your progress for certain projects and tasks. Staying on top of every task as your team progresses allows you to keep a better pulse on the status of each project, making it easier to cross the finish line on time.

Suppose a project is in danger of running off course. In that case, you can use Harvest’s customizable reporting feature to analyze how much time is spent on specific tasks and pivot where needed to ensure a more efficient process.

Accurate and detailed timesheets

Using a time tracking calculator, you can create accurate, detailed timesheets that record the hours you and your team have worked on each project, helping you track progress and milestones more easily. 

Improved employee productivity

Properly tracking employee time ensures your team is productive and efficient. And when employees can track their timesheets, they're more accountable for their assigned tasks and have an increased awareness of how much time they spend on each project — increasing their ability to boost productivity. 

The right time tracking system not only lets your employees increase productivity on their own, but also gives you a chance to measure individual performance and identify areas for improvement quickly. 

Generated reports for analysis and insights

Reports are essential for any business, especially when it comes to tracking time and activity. A powerful time tracking calculator can help you generate accurate reports quickly and easily. As a result, you can gain valuable insights into your team’s productivity and performance with the correct reports. 

You’ll be able to identify areas of improvement and adjust processes accordingly to maximize efficiency. Reports also allow you to analyze data over time to track progress and measure success. 

Dealing with overtime and unpaid breaks

Unfortunately, overtime and unpaid breaks are common in many workplaces. A powerful tracked time calculator provides precise accuracy when tracking hours and allows project managers to monitor employee activity and restrict access to overtime hours. 

Using a time tracking app is a must-have for preventing inaccuracies in payroll or invoicing. In addition, having customizable detailed reports in real-time about your team’s progress and billable hours will allow you to adjust your deadlines as needed, creating greater transparency for your teams and your clients. 

If you’re looking for a platform that serves as a calculator to help you track time and will also streamline your payroll, automate invoicing, and provide you with up-to-the-minute reporting, giving your operations a strategic advantage with task management flexibility, check out Harvest

As a time tracking app, Harvest provides teams with the monitoring they need, integrates with the tools and apps your teams already use, and, best of all, you can try Harvest for free.