Checking in with clients about payment can be a hassle, especially when you’re trying to move on to the next project. If you don’t have a dedicated finance team, this can really eat away at the hours in your day. And who has time for that? Even if you do, we don’t want that for you! You deserve better than typing the same sort of message ad nauseam.

Your time is valuable, which is why we built two ways to automate email notifications (we call them Reminder messages) for any sent invoices in your account. Those messages could wash into your clients’ inboxes like the evening tide, the soothing sound of the waves beckoning, “Pay me.”

Automatic Reminder messages can be set up for all future invoices or for a specific invoice. Let’s dig into both flavors:

Set a Reminder message for all invoices

Through the Invoices > Configure section of your account, you can create a template Reminder message and schedule that’ll go into effect for all of your clients and their new invoices. Once the invoice is past due, we'll send out an initial reminder and follow-ups using the message you’ve written and based on your selected cadence. Set it, forget it, and let Harvest do the rest.

Invoice Reminders in Harvest - Automate that!

The content of this Reminder message is up to you. You can also fine-tune your message by using the handy variables we provide.

Who wants to dig around looking for a specific invoice ID (if you can remember it) or try to find out how late a payment is on an invoice? Not you! You’re already neck-deep in the next big thing, so we’ve got you covered.

Send (and set) a Reminder message for a single invoice

Like Tolstoy (basically) said, “All clients that have paid you are alike. Each client that hasn’t paid you has done so in their own way.” That’s why we made it possible to set up a Reminder message on an invoice-by-invoice basis. The message generated will be pulled from the template mentioned in the previous section (via Invoices > Configure > Messages), but you can finesse it as you see fit when creating this reminder.

Invoice Reminders in Harvest - Customize That!

Occasionally, your clients need only an amiable, solitary nudge instead of a steady stream of polite pokes. Unlike the account-wide Reminder message, you can set these one-offs up so that only a single notification is sent to your client. (That being said, you can still set the reminders to go out as often as you’d like.)

With either option, the Reminder messages will cease once an invoice is marked as paid in Harvest. We wouldn’t dream of making you disable every reminder after setting all of this up. Absolutely not!

Now when people ask why you’re so hale and hearty, you can tell them it’s due to all the free time you have after setting up Harvest’s Reminder messages. You’re able to sleep! Or conquer worlds! Or, like, be productive and get a head start on a new project. We’re not here to tell you what to do next, but we’ll try our best to help get you there.

You can read more about how to get this set up in your account by following this link to our Help Center. We’re also available at if you have any questions!