Have you ever tried to learn a new skill, reach another level, or start a new business only to run into a roadblock? You were getting started but you’re basically still sitting on go and making no progress. 

Sometimes what you really need to get unstuck and move forward is some practical advice. You may just need a few trade secrets or tips to put you on the road to success. 

This is certainly true when it comes to finding the best employee time tracking software for your business. You can get lost in all the choices and information and find yourself doing nothing—you might be in decision paralysis. You need tips to choose the best software and we’ve got a lineup ready for you.

8 tips for choosing time tracking software for your employees

When you’re looking for the right time tracking software, there are many factors to take into account to make the best decision for your company. One of the most important things to consider is project management (PM) functionality. Look for robust PM features that allow you to assign tasks, prioritize projects, and check off completed work. 

Another important factor is employee oversight. The ideal time tracking solution should provide detailed records of how employees are spending their time on tasks and what kind of progress they are making on projects.

Aside from these two major considerations, customization should be taken into account as well. Most companies have unique processes and needs when it comes to managing their operations and finding a solution that fits those needs perfectly can significantly boost productivity. 

And finally, never forget about price — each business has its own budget limitations, and finding a solution that fits both your requirements and your budget can help you save money while enjoying all the benefits of proper time tracking software.

It’s smart for your business to have the right time tracking software at your disposal in order to ensure your team is working efficiently and accurately. Time and expense management can be complicated without the proper tools in place, making billing and payment slower and harder to keep track of. That’s why when looking for a time tracking software solution it’s important to find one that includes the following eight vital features.

1. Understand your business needs 

First things first. Before you start your search for time tracking software, it’s important to assess the needs of your business. Think about the tasks that need to be tracked and which features are important for productivity. Knowing what features you require will help narrow down your options so you can make a more informed decision.

If you don’t know whether or not a time tracking solution will be most helpful to you, then choosing software that fits will probably seem very frustrating. Even at this early step, you can reach out to Harvest and we can help you figure things out! 

2. Consider ease of use

Look for an easy-to-use system with a clear design and intuitive interface. The best time tracking software should be straightforward to set up and use so that employees can quickly get into the habit of using it and immediately get their hands on the data they need. 

This also means choosing software that has both mobile and desktop access. With this capability, you can manage your projects from anywhere.

3. Compatibility is king

When looking for the best time tracking software for your business, it is crucial that it integrates with your existing tools and services. Imagine if your current tried-and-true tools butt heads with your new time tracking platform. No, thank you!

So, before choosing a time tracking app, make sure that it is compatible with the software and hardware you use in your business. The last thing you want is to invest in something that won’t work properly with your existing systems.

4. Look for automation and time stamps

Automation is key when you’re looking for a time tracking app. Make sure that the software can automatically capture accurate data from multiple sources and provide reports in real time. If you are always waiting for your data to come in, it can be inaccurate by the time you get it. This feature will save you valuable time and help ensure accuracy.

Task/Time Stamps will help to keep track of which tasks are being performed and who they're being assigned to. Time stamps let you know exactly how much time each activity took, etc.

5. Look for support

If you encounter any issues while using the time tracking software, make sure that the provider offers technical support and helpful resources. This will help ensure that you can quickly resolve any problems you may have.

You are not your own technical support department for another company’s app, are you? Make sure you choose a company that answers promptly and thoroughly when you reach out. Support can make all the difference when it comes to your experience with a time tracking app.

6. Customizable reporting and billing feature

With options like invoicing and client estimates, finding a service that allows you to customize these features will save time getting information out quickly.

The beauty of customizable reporting and billing is that it allows you to seamlessly, keep budgets on target, visualize team capacity, understand costs, analyze time spent, and do more with your data, all while tracking time in the same platform. 

7. Track your team

Choose software that enables you to track individual employee worksheets so you can review past work logs along with their login times and monitor progress on goals set for each project so everyone knows where things are.

This will give you an overall picture of how much time each person is spending on their tasks and projects. You can see who may be overworked and who is under-utilized to allow you to make better allocation decisions. 

8. Think about security

Data security should be a top priority when selecting any software for your business. Look for a time tracking app that offers encryption and other security features to protect confidential employee data.

A time tracking app contains quite a bit of personal information that can wreak havoc on you and your employees if any of it is leaked. So, be sure to choose a time tracking app that has excellent data security measures.

More than tracking time 

Overall, when choosing the best employee time tracking software for your company, it is essential to look for features that will make the process smoother and more efficient. By taking into consideration project management functionality, employee oversight options, customization capabilities, and budget constraints, you can make the best decision for your business.

Time tracking software is meant to help your business run more effectively and provide greater transparency. It isn’t meant to frustrate you or to be an additional headache for your employees. That’s why choosing time tracking software that meets your needs is so valuable.

With Harvest, you can track time from your browser, desktop, and other mobile devices, and seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows. Give Harvest a try today by starting a 30-day free trial, and get on your way to saving time, and money and providing greater insight into your team.