I’m Trey Jackson, the Harvest Product Liaison on our Customer Experience Team. My job is to collect, review, and advocate for the feature requests that your team sends to our Experts. We value the feedback you take the time to share with us, and part of my mission is to make sure the Product team hears from you as they research and plan development cycles.

At Harvest, we believe big changes, like the recent Permissions updates, should go hand-in-hand with small ones that deliver value. Here’s a roundup of some small updates that can have a big impact on how you spend your time.

More context on email exports

It’s easy to export Harvest report data so you can dig into it the way you prefer. However, in the export email, it’s not so easy to see what specific data the export contains. The only way to discover it is to download the file and try to figure it out in the export itself.

Someone who exports a lot of data on a regular basis already has to search through many emails. It can be difficult to hone in on one specific export. It’s even more of a challenge if they’re grouped into the same thread, as in Gmail.

Now, when you receive the email that the export is ready, you’ll also see exactly what information you exported:

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 3.46.22 PM

Add all tasks to existing projects

When you add a new task in Harvest, you have the option to add it to all existing projects. But what if you skipped that step? Previously, an Administrator would have to spend time adding that task manually to each and every project. And having more projects meant that this workaround was even more painful.

But a new day has dawned! Now, you’ll see an Actions menu with the option to add a task to all projects visible at any time. This will make it easier to update all of your projects with new tasks whenever the need arises.

Search in Manage > Clients

When we added pagination to the Manage > Clients section, our customers could no longer use the cmd/ctrl-f shortcut to find specific clients and contacts. This made it a pain for folks to add contacts or update client information.

We added a search box to allow users to search across all pages for clients or contacts. When you start typing, we’ll filter to the relevant clients and/or contacts. You’ll also be able to search archived clients.

Thanks to everyone who let us know how helpful this would be and hung in there while we were working on it.

We’d also like to thank our customer Sarah, who wrote a poem about it.

Manage > Clients Search Function
A Poem - By Sarah Johnson

The Manage > Clients Search Function
Appeared through the fog,
A glorious sight! Could I be wrong?
With trembling hands I entered my query,
My heart leapt when the search term was ferried,
A most efficient way to manage our clients,
Harvest has made one more thing I do balanced.

Our hearts leapt too, Sarah! Thank you.

Bulk update for Projects, Tasks, and Roles

Finally, we’ve supercharged your ability to manage your Harvest account by adding bulk update functionality to the Projects, Manage > Tasks, and Manage > Roles sections.

Now you can archive or delete multiple projects, tasks, or roles at once, reducing the time spent on tedious chores such as clearing out completed projects or consolidating your team’s tasks.

A big thank you to all of the customers who requested these improvements! I hope these additions to Harvest will make your life a little simpler so you can focus on the bigger things.