The latest round of Harvest improvements brings all account holders these great features:

  • Personal reporting and export. Reports offer valuable insights, so Harvest goes a step further for all account holders. With the latest release, all employees and contractors have access to view reports of their own hours. Administrators are still the only ones able to view hours across all projects and individuals, but all users can now review their own hours through the reporting interface to get a better picture of how they are spending their hours.
  • Flexible date navigation for weekly timesheets. If you want to go ahead or back in time, simply select “Show all weeks” to get all the weeks of the year. Go back a few weeks to correct an entry or jump ahead a few months to pre-enter your vacation time.
  • Alphabetical ordering of your tasks for the weekly timesheets. If you’re tracking time on more than a handful of projects and tasks, you may have found it difficult to hunt down a specific rows from the crowd. Instead of ad-hoc ordering of your tasks, your weekly entry rows are now ordered by clients, projects and tasks.

We’re constantly improving the Harvest experience. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to email us: support at Thanks for using Harvest!