Many of our users have been asking for a way to not only track their hours, but to track work-related expenses – such as materials, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses are incurred on the job. It’s out pleasure to say that this is now possible in Harvest!

expense tracking

Tracking Expenses

You can enter your expenses under Timesheet > Expenses. Each expense must be assigned to a date, a project, and a category. All expenses are tracked based on the currency for your company (which you can change via Manage > Account details), except for mileage, which you can track either as miles or kilometers.

Your expenses are grouped together by weeks – like your time. Timesheets are now a combination of time and expenses, so when you submit a timesheet, you are submitting both your hours and expenses for the week.

Manage Expense Categories

Managing the expense categories is simple. You simply go to Manage > Expenses. You’ll find a default set of categories that we have created for your account. Simply click on the row of the category that you’d like to edit or remove, and you’ll be presented with the form and options. Once you have logged expenses for a particular category, you will not be able to remove the category for data consistency reasons (but you can rename it).

Expenses Report

So now that you have tracked all the expenses, how do you run a report on them? Simply go to Reports > Expenses, and you’ll see a filter form to generate any kind of report you need – you can filter expenses by timeframe, client, project, person or category.

We hope you find the new expense tracking feature useful! Please let us know of any suggestions or feedback that you might have.