Here at Harvest, our goal is to help our customers track and organize their business’s time and money.  In line with this goal, we’ll be releasing a new Account Overview screen next week.  This screen allows our customers to see, at-a-glance, how much time has been logged recently, the amount of money collected via invoicing, how active projects are tracking against project estimates, and any bits about Harvest we may have published to this blog. And to get more information on any of the statistics on this screen, one simply clicks to drill down for more information.

We think the Account Overview screen will be a great way for individuals and teams to stay on top of their hours, project progress and invoices.  Look for this new screen in all account next week!

Note: Screenshot shows the Account Overview screen as seen by an administrator.  Project managers and normal users see information pertaining to their assigned projects and time only.

Update 6 Aug, 2008 – Account Overview is now available for all accounts!  Just click on the Reports tab.