We’ve just added another user requested feature to Harvest, the ability to create duplicate projects. This will allow you to create copies of projects, and can be used to create project templates of your most common task sets to save you setup time.


You can make a duplicate of an existing project by going to Manage > Projects and clicking the button labeled “Duplicate”.

If you create identical projects frequently for different clients, this new feature will simplify the process. For example, by creating a few project templates for the most common types of work you perform, you can now duplicate them for each new project, instead of manually creating them each time. Common projects can be cloned with just a click, so you can begin working with minimal setup time.

Many of the new features and improvements we add to Harvest come directly from you, the Harvest users. What other improvements can we add to Harvest invoicing to help simplify your billing? Please let us know via the support form.