In March 2010, thousands of designers, developers, writers, and thinkers will descend on Austin, TX for the annual SXSW Interactive Festival.   The five-day conference will host a wide-range of speakers and panelist to discuss trends, issues, and other topics related to the interactive space.  We’ve learned a lot from building our business in the last few years and we want to give back to the community with panels that go behind the scenes on how we (and other companies) operate.  Below are two panel ideas we’ve submitted to SXSW.  Help us make them happen by taking a moment to vote for them by following the links below! (Voting ends Friday, Sept 4th, so act now!)

Making The Leap From Consulting To Web Product Company
In this panel, we’ll reveal how leading online services switched tracks from consulting firms to profitable web-based product businesses. Learn about the challenges and tactics of bootstrapping your way to success and hear how others have done it.
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Get Scientific: What to Track to Grow Your Business
Launching a web service is just half the game. Every visitor, lead, and conversion can be captured and studied. Go behind the scenes of established online services as they reveal custom-built tools and tactics to track and analyze the health and growth of their online businesses.
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With panels comprised of several notable web companies, join us for the insights, stories, and heated arguments.  See you in Austin!