The Harvest Team communicates with Co-op all day, every day. It is the visual heartbeat of our team, as we share failures, successes and silliness from our work days and our lives. While this heartbeat is strong, it also has an obvious arrhythmia: no system status messages.

For the past couple weeks we have been refining an API technique to programmatically add system status, and anything else, to a Co-op workstream. We are pleased with the results, and would like to introduce you to Cobot:

Cobot - The Harvest Co-op Robot

Cobot posts may be created via the Co-op API.

Along for the ride are a couple of new formatting features now enabled for Co-op statuses. First, statuses now accept <br /> tags to force new lines, which is essential for posting things like deployment of multiple code commits.

Co-op also now supports code pastes. If you paste anything in your Co-op message box with two or more new lines, the code paste view will take effect:

Philip J. Fry WTFjs

Feel free to share what kinds of system messages you will be looking to bring into your Co-op workstreams, we’re excited to know if you find this feature useful!