Startup Weekend NYC took over New Work City earlier this month, right around the corner from Harvest HQ, and we were thrilled to sponsor the event. We swung by during the weekend to check out the action and energy of the busy local entrepreneurs participating, and we’d like to share some of the highlights.

What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekends are happening in over 100 cities around the globe. Entrepreneurs rally to pitch an idea for a startup on Friday evening, in front of a crowd of designers, developers and business-savvy folks. Ideas are then voted on by organizers and attendees, and narrowed down to the top ideas of the pack (this weekend, 26 companies were launched!). Teams begin to form organically around the best ideas as members of the audience reach out to the “pitchers”. With less than 48 hours to make the magic happen, teams work to get as far as possible on executing the idea by Sunday evening.

There were a few pitches that caught our eye at SW NYC:

New York City’s tech scene is an amazing place to be right now. But if you’re an out-of-town developer looking to join the fun, it can be tough to get started. We make it easy to visit NYC by pairing you with a welcoming member of the New York startup scene that may extend a couch or a bed — or at least a cup of coffee!

Too important to go through the four-minute credit card payment process? Do you trust the server who’s been flirting with you all night with five credit cards? Hate paying for an entire appetizer platter when you only had one nacho? These are things solved by is a new group-centric mobile app designed to streamline the payment process at restaurants by connecting you and your friends to complete payment in the most enjoyable environment.

SingSend is Karaoke on your phone. Dial-in, pick a song and sing along. Send your recording to friends and family. Rate songs and enter yours to win our weekly talent contest.

Want to see who won in Startup Weekend on Sunday eve? Check out their blog for the big winners.

We congratulate all of the entrepreneurs who participated, and a round of applause goes to the organizers and volunteers behind the scenes, for making this inspired weekend possible.

This past June we organized Walkabout NYC, where startups from all over New York City opened up their workspaces to the community. We look forward to seeing these ideas grow into startups that can join in on the fun at the next Walkabout NYC!