A smattering of developers (who are also Harvest customers!) have released some cool integrations in the past few months, and we thought we’d share the highlights with you.

Post GitHub Commits to Co-op

Robert May of Core Web Design has put together an integration between GitHub and Co-op, Harvest’s team communication application. This GitHub service posts GitHub commits from any project of your choosing directly to Co-op. It’s a fantastic way to keep your team up-to-date on the latest development activity.

To set up the integration, visit the source GitHub repository and go to Admin > Service Hooks. Choose Co-op and fill in the necessary information.

GitHub Co-op service hook

The next commit to this repository on GitHub will be shared on Co-op.

Co-op GitHub message

Thanks to Robert for taking the time to make this hook available for all Co-op users.

Fluid Reminder to Track Time in Harvest

Mike Green put together a Fluid userscript which pops a Growl notification when you’ve forgotten to turn on a timer in Harvest. To install, visit the userscripts menu item (it looks like an open scroll) in your Fluid instance of Harvest. Choose Browse Userscripts.org… and search for “Harvest Growl”. Click into the “Harvest Timer Growl Reminder” userscript (direct link) and click the big green Install button to get going. Thanks, Mike!

Java Client for Harvest API

In October, Harvest customer Mauricio Offermann released a Java client for working with the Harvest API. This is the first open source Java API client for Harvest. Thank you for sharing your work, Mauricio!

Feel free to let us know if you’ve come up with your own integrations using the Harvest API!