Harvest Playback, Dec 2nd Edition

Just like that and we’re in the last month of 2011, and it hasn’t even snowed in NYC (except for that dusting in October).

This past week, we recovered from Thanksgiving, evolved the recent invoice update, updated the Harvest Forum, released a new Harvest Customers section (full write-up to follow soon!), and tied up all loose ends for a major release next week: a more flexible and powerful way to control user permissions.

Some things Harvesters talked about this week on Co-op:

And that wraps up another productive and fun week at Harvest. Enjoy your weekend!
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  • I should really stop the Havest Timer while reading this and subsequently clicking on almost every link..and then more links and then more…

  • Harvest user December 6, 2011

    Yes, it would be nice if the articles appearing in the Harvest product weren’t filled with interesting links. Or if alternatively we could turn off the box of articles. Help me focus please.

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