It’s a new year! We hope that everybody had a great holiday season and that you’re as excited about 2012 as we are! We’ve got some great things planned for the coming year!

After returning from a short break, we’ve been focussed on catching up with any questions and bugs that were reported to us. Naama had an epiphany while on holidays, and put out the rallying cry to Demand Better!  The billing overhaul went very smoothly and we’ve been tweaking a few odds and ends on that front.  We discovered a minor bug with our iOS app when the New Year hit (with Expenses), and a new version has been sent to Apple for approval. We also launched a new Twitter Contest for the month of January – Time Saving Tuesdays where you can tweet your best productivity tips for a chance to win some great prizes.

It hasn’t been all business around the office though, we have had some great chats on Co-op:

  • Patrick has relocated to Texas for the next few weeks, despite the lack (so far) of winter weather in New York.
  • Shawn made a quick trip back to New York over the holidays to welcome a new member to his family (and ours).  Welcome Nico! Even though Shawn is off spending some time with little Nico, he’s still watching over us at Harvest HQ. (thanks Lettini and PillowMob)
  • Sri has suggested that maybe all of this talk of productivity is overrated. In the near future, we’ll do all of our goofing off while hidden by a time cloak.
  • Warwick has been busy digging up some wonderful delicacies for us to sample at the next Harvest Summit.  I’m going to try out Casu Marzu if Warwick tries some Hákarl (I’ll report back if I survive the experience).
  • It’s Doug’s birthday today!  Happy birthday Doug!

Happy New Year everyone!