Did you know that it’s 10 times quicker to type a command rather than lift a hand from the keyboard to the mouse? Here’s a few ways to save time with some easy keystrokes!

Some Harvest and Co-op protips, from the Harvest Team:

  • Math is allowed in durations fields! Example: 3:00 – 2:23, or :23 + :12. (@bjhess)
  • Ctrl+. in Co-op switches between the Co-op and Track time tabs. (@pfiller)
  • Harvest Command Line (HCL): Uses Terminal to control Harvest timers. (@the_vole)

Everyday keystrokes:

  • Ctrl+F (Win) or Cmd+F (OSX). Finds specific text in the Web page that’s open.
  • Backspace (Win) or Delete (Mac). Makes your browser go back one page.
  • Windows key + first few letters of a program + enter. Start any program from your keyboard. (via @jkenters)
  • Ctrl+z. “People take this feature for granted. Imagine a world with no ctrl+z.” The power of the undo! (via @stevendeeds)
  • Ctrl+s. “Saves (pun intended) me from messing up my files! I’ve set it to Incremental save, so instant traceback!” (via @AdamHoe)
  • Cmd+q. “Sometimes you have to quit and walk away.” (via @weepapa)

If you want to geek out:

  • Win+[n] where [n] is 0-9. Items in your taskbar are 0-9, L to R. Brings that item to focus or launches it. (via @mavickers)
  • Instant Text, Windows app that, “Saves me 1000s of keystrokes on documents and transcriptions.” (via @WorkFromHomeMe)
  • “I would die without TextExpander.” (via @the_vole)
  • PhraseExpress. The Windows version of TextExpander. (via @jkenters)
  • Breevy, PC app that integrates with your Dropbox TextExpander snippets. (via @ServerSense)
  • Quicksilver, Mac plugin to launch apps, search, and type w/ keystrokes. (via @browncoat and @mbaizman)
  • Gleebox, a keyboard-centric approach to navigating the web. (via @chopmo)

Many thanks to the Twitter community for sharing your own tips for this article, we had a great time swapping tips! We’ll announce the winners of our Time Savings Tuesdays contest next Tuesday (along with the new contest theme), and feel free to share your own tips in the comments!