Since launching Harvest in 2006, we have been on a mission to create the best time tracking solution for businesses. We started by launching Harvest as a web-based application, allowing access to your data from anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser. Once your data is stored in the proverbial cloud, the possibilities become endless. We published the first version of the Harvest API just six months after Harvest launched. While people primarily used web browsers to access Harvest, we strongly believed in creating ways for additional devices and platforms work with your Harvest data.

Over the years, we’ve consistently built on top of Harvest to take advantage of the ever-changing technology available to our customers. We started with lightweight desktop widgets for Mac and Windows users. Later, we built mobile versions of Harvest for iPhone and Android as more customers needed to access Harvest on-the-go.

While Harvest began by providing a great web experience, we will continue to evolve as the technology around us evolves. Underpinning our evolution is the belief that you should be able to access Harvest from anywhere and everywhere. In short, we call this Harvest Everywhere.

Introducing Harvest for Mac

Today, we are pleased to announce the newest component to our Harvest Everywhere vision: Introducing Harvest for Mac, a lightweight, desktop companion for your Harvest account. We built Harvest for Mac with three goals in mind:

  • Lightning Fast Time Tracking – Time tracking is a pain only when it’s inconvenient. We know our users just want to focus on their work and not on time tracking, so we’ve made things super fast. With global hot-keys, Harvest for Mac users will be able to quickly start timers or enter notes and get back to work in seconds.
  • High Visibility – Harvest for Mac sits on your menu bar, keeping you updated on exactly how many minutes you’ve been spending on your current task and helping you focus. Additionally, stopping a timer is as easy as clicking on the “stop” icon in the menubar.
  • Idle Time Detection – Ever rush off to a meeting only to forget to stop your timer? Now when you return to your computer, Harvest for Mac will ask you if you want to keep the time tracked while your computer was idle, or if you want to correct it.

Since our entire team tracks time internally, we can say with confidence that Harvest for Mac is a tremendous time saver for those who track time as they work. We hope our Mac users will find tracking hours to be easier than ever with Harvest for Mac.

Download Harvest for Mac (for free)