Harvest for Mac

Lightning fast time tracking right from your desktop.

Download on the App Store or Download Directly (macOS 10.13+ required)
Harvest for Mac.

Start a timer in seconds.

Harvest for Mac makes time tracking even faster with global hotkeys. Simply press Command + Option + N to start a new timer, no matter what you’re working on.

Idle time detection.

Don’t worry about leaving timers running while you’re away. Harvest for Mac will tell you so you can remove the idle time and keep your timesheets accurate.

High visibility.

Harvest for Mac sits on your menu bar, so you can quickly start and stop timers and always know exactly how many minutes you’ve been working on your current task.

Why Harvest

Harvest makes time tracking easy by integrating it into your workflow. Your team will get up to speed fast and you’ll get the
info you need to analyze your business and invoice clients.

  • Track time painlessly from your desktop, phone, and favorite tools.
  • Manage your team better by pinpointing which projects and tasks are taking up their time.
  • Analyze your projects and get critical information, including hours, budgets, and billable amounts.
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