Willkommen zum Harvest Playback!

Harvest gets a bit more international this week as we welcome our new development intern, Joschka, to the team. Joschka is from Lemgo, Germany and is spending 5 months in NYC learning the ins and outs of Harvest’s codebase while exploring our great city. The team wasted no time and has already taken him out for karaoke. Check out Joschka’s portfolio to see why we thought he’d be a great fit here.

Joschka’s adventure begins.

We rolled out phase one of our new user profile functions this week. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding the ability to manage a user’s profile right from their profile page — a big time saver when you’re adding a new co-worker like Joschka. We received a lot of positive feedback for this announcement and we’re excited to make it a reality.

The best part of writing the weekly playback for Harvest is looking back through a week of posts to Co-op, our virtual water cooler app. It really reinforces how we rely on Co-op to stay in touch with each other even when many of us are thousands of miles apart. Let’s have a look at some of this week’s highlights:

  • Harvesters had a lot to say about the Superbowl (and that crazy play), but I can’t get past the chicken-wing cupcakes that Christopher ate at a superbowl party.
  • Barry found us the perfect location for future Harvest summits (complete with private suspension bridge).
  • Jae shared a delicious vegetarian chili for a bonus Monday team lunch. For Wednesday’s lunch, Naama suggested we try mindful eating. Once we smelled the delicious indian food, however, we were off to the races. Maybe next week!
  • Doug introduced us to the blobfish and Kim was quick to point out that it looks a lot like somebody stuck Ziggy in the microwave.
  • We want you to be ready for Valentine’s Day next week, so we present two solid gift options: Pizza Hut (yes, Pizza Hut) has put together quite a proposal package which includes a ring and fireworks for a mere $10,000. Vermont Teddy Bear is offering a 4 1/2 foot tall teddy bear (check out their creepy commercial).
  • Barry shared this great photo of President Obama watching a marshmallow cannon at the White House Science Fair.