It’s an honor and a treat to work for Harvest. The team in New York does a fantastic job of reinforcing the value of culture, even when interviewing new people that want to join the team. As a result, we have a great group of people who work very well together, and our trust level amongst one another is incredibly high.

One of the big advantages to a high level of trust amongst co-workers is the ability to work productively while also working remotely. I live in Alberta, while Jon lives in British Columbia. Barry is in Minnesota; Doug is in Montana; Warwick is in Pennsylvania. Dee is in Hungary. Our head office is in New York City. And Patrick is trying a different-location-a-month for a while, starting with Texas, and now in Illinois. (All pictures taken today.)

To stay in touch, we all use Co-op to post what we’re all working on, to have some hilarious banter, and to share some informative tidbits during the week. Here are some of this week’s highlights:

  • Patrick is trying to get us to gamble on some strange American tradition called the “Superbowl”. I thought it was a trendy NYC noodle shop.
  • This week we made a playlist dedicated to speed.
  • TJ taught us more about the dangers of fracking.
  • Karen had us all consider the trustworthiness of beards.
  • Barry got nostalgic about what we did last summer. (But it was before my time with Harvest, so it probably wasn’t much fun anyway.)
  • And Christopher came up with a first draft of our new marketing campaign.

Have a good weekend, y’all!