We quietly launched the new WalkaboutNYC site this week. This will be our third year hosting this technology company walking tour. This time there’s going to be a RSVP system for you to plan a walking schedule (coming soon). A huge thank-you to our Walkabout team: Karen, Naama, Kim and Joschka for their good work!

This past week, we refined a project that will be open for beta sign-up this coming week. T.J. published a blog post about the lessons from our recent upgrade to Ruby 1.9.3 and it’s making the rounds in the Ruby community.

Links from the past week, on Co-op:

  • This Ruby Certification looks totally lagit.
  • Our good friend, Saha, launched his new project, CollabFinder this week!
  • I haven’t read it yet, but Patrick said this is a must-read: Forest Service may blow up frozen cows in cabin.
  • Some of us parents at Harvest thoroughly enjoyed this: Planet Earth – Narrated by Kids.
  • We’re not sure what to make of these new Siri commericials with celebrities.
  • And: animated gif of the week.

There you have it. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and see you soon!