Things got done this week: Barry and T.J. pushed through an important system update; Warwick doubled the memory for our primary database servers; Dee, Patrick, Matthew and Samara made great progress for a project that will launch for beta soon; Kim and Joschka are making the final push for WalkaboutNYC‘s new site (coming this week!). On top of all that, our new junior devs are getting started on an important integration. Phew…

Discussed this week on Co-op:

  • Warwick urges us to take 15 minutes to watch this fascinating video about Caine’s Arcade.
  • Our latest project requires testing on several platforms. I count six.
  • Do you like cats?
  • Doug Fales talks about his first program on Tech Time: drawing a clown face on a 40×80 grid using AppleSoft BASIC.
  • Google as a BBS, built with Javascript, HTML and CSS. (via Jon)
  • “Potholes fill themselves when Cory Booker walks by. #CoryBookerStories” Our new, favorite Twitter meme, after Mayor Booker’s heroic act of rescuing a woman from fire. (via Patrick)
  • Our Rdio playlist this week: “The Movies”.
  • We can’t decide which should be the animated gif of the week: Tyson vs Evan.

There you have it. Here’s to a fun and fruitful week ahead. See you soon!