Basecamp is a popular web-based project management application by 37signals which we’ve been using since 2006. Earlier this year, 37signals launched an all new version that is fast, simple and powerful. For some users of the new Basecamp, there was only one thing missing: the ability to track time.

While Harvest has long supported the previous version of Basecamp (aka Basecamp Classic) with an integration that synced projects and people, we heard from many customers that they needed just a little more — they needed to track time on specific to-dos. With that in mind, we decided to rethink our approach to the integration.

Today, we’re very excited to announce a seamless way to track time in Basecamp. Unlike most integrations which can feel disjointed, we really mean it when we say seamless. With the help of the official Harvest Chrome Extension, you can now track time for your to-dos right inside Basecamp. 



With Harvest for Basecamp, you can do your project management and collaboration in Basecamp, and your time tracking, reporting and invoicing in Harvest.

To get started with Harvest for Basecamp, simply do the following:

That’s it! We hope you enjoy this new integration and thanks for using Harvest.

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