We’ve moved our API documentation to GitHub, and we’ve added some other goodies there as well. Why move it there, you ask? A lot of our developer community is already using GitHub, and in fact, we have several open source projects there ourselves. You can now watch our API (and therefore, get updates when changes are made), ask questions, or contribute to our documentation by submitting pull requests, all straight from GitHub.

We’re also started a wiki called Community Creations and Hacks, where you can look to see what others have already made, or add your own, to share with the Harvest community. This section is for the interesting and useful things that people have built with the Harvest API, and may have very specific use cases, or broader applications. There are already over 20 creations by inventive Harvest users just like you, who dipped into our API and shared what they made. For example, Klokan Tech built an integration between Harvest and GitHub Issues Tracker, and Zach Hobson devised command-line Harvest time tracking. All you need is a (free) GitHub account to access everything you need to know about our API, improve or adapt others’ creations, and even add your own creation to the growing list on the wiki.

Inspired by what others have made, or have an idea you’ve been meaning to make a reality? Roll up your sleeves, and build your own integrations with our API. Have fun, and let us know what you’ve made – we’re happy to spread the love!