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Nobody is quite sure how the internet really works and things sometimes go wrong. If Harvest experiences any systems issues, we try to keep our customers apprised of the situation as things develop, using a combination of Twitter and HarvestStatus.com.

Today we deployed an improved version of HarvestStatus.com. We hope this new tool will be very useful.

Customers can now subscribe to updates that we post on HarvestStatus.com. Just click the ‘Subscribe’ button on the new site, then add your email address or phone number. The system will then notify you of any new issues so you can stay informed. There’s also an RSS feed to make things even easier.

This new system allows folks on various Harvest teams to communicate with you during any service-impacting events, allowing those of us fixing any issues to focus on the task at hand.

For any customers who were relying on the now-deprecated status API on the previous version of HarvestStatus.com, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be glad to work with you on a new solution.

I will now head back down to the Harvest engine room where we spend our time working to keep Harvest running smoothly!

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  • We have an internal application that is polling “http://harveststatus.com/status.json” which no longer works. Is there something that will replace this? Basically we need to easily and programmatically check if the API is operational.

    • Hi Pete, thanks for letting me know! I will reach out by email for discussion on some new options here.

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