The past month flew by quickly with the release of our new fixed fee projects. So we wanted to pause to highlight some new summer releases that you might have missed! (And if you haven’t skimmed our blog recently, here are last month’s mini updates too.)

Delete Projects with Tracked Data

Until now, Harvest wouldn’t let you delete projects with tracked time or expenses. That may have been too overprotective. Sometimes you just want to delete dummy projects, or get rid of old data. Now that’s as easy as typing YOLO.

Delete project modal

Save Time When Checking on an Invoice

Now when you search for an invoice, you’ll see your invoice’s status (paid, sent, etc) right in the search menu. This means you don’t have to waste time clicking into the invoice to check if you sent it, or if your client paid. Just search the ID, and you’ll see the status immediately. 

invoice status in search

Better Client Contact Form

A tiny but nice change. The client contact form now shows the most important info (like your contact’s name and email) at the top. This tiny bit of interior decorating will help ensure we’ve got the info we need to help Harvest run smoothly elsewhere—like when you send an invoice.

New client contact form

Pick a Date, Any Date

We also perked up our date pickers. Check it out:

Compare Date Pickers

A Tip on Your Team’s Time

And lastly (at least for this blog post), head over to your Team section and click into a person’s report. If they have a running timer, simply hover over the timer icon to see when it was started. We hope this tiny tooltip offers some insight into your team’s work.

Tooltip on running timer

Until Next Time

And that concludes June’s installment of Things You May Have Missed. We hope you found it helpful, and let us know if there are other small things on your mind you’d like to see polished up!