We’re happy to announce a quick improvement to the integration between Harvest and Forecast. Starting today, if you archive or restore a linked project or client in one app, it’ll be automatically archived or restored in the other.

Previously, archiving and restoring a project or client that was linked between Harvest or Forecast required manually performing that action twice—once in either Harvest or Forecast, and then jumping to the other application to do it again. It was also easy to forget to duplicate your efforts, which led to mismatched data.

Now, you can simply archive or restore in one place, and you’ll see a message that confirms the project/client has been archived or restored in your sister app.

This smoother workflow saves a few seconds with each edit, and you’ll no longer have to double up on busy work. Cheers to an easier way to keep your projects tidy and consistent across both your accounts!

If you haven’t yet integrated your Harvest and Forecast accounts, you can see the benefits and learn how in our Help Center.