Ready to make your income more reliable and your clients happier? Now your clients can pay your recurring invoices automatically! That means a steadier income for you, a smoother relationship with your client, and less busy work for everyone.

Here’s how it goes: You worked hard all month and delivered great stuff. Now, you’ve invoiced and it’s time to get paid! A week goes by, then a month. No payment. Maybe you’ve already reached out a few times, or are still drafting that polite-but-firm reminder. At this point, getting paid feels a bit like its own project.

When you have a retainer or subscription with your client, you should be able to count on that income. Right?

We think so, too! That’s why we’ve now made it easy for your clients to pay you automatically. All they have to do is set up automatic payments one time. After that, each recurring invoice will be paid without your client having to lift a finger.

How to Enable Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are an option for any Harvest account that’s integrated with Stripe.

When your clients pay their recurring invoices through Stripe, we’ll ask them if they’d like to set up a recurring payment. If they say yes, they’ll add a form of payment and will be automatically billed according to the invoice’s terms. (Note: Recurring payments can be made only toward recurring invoices, not regular invoices.)

Your clients can easily manage their automatic payments from their client dashboard.

Why Use Recurring Payments?

Recurring payments make paying invoices effortless. That’s pretty great for everyone involved!

For you:

  • You know when you’re getting paid. This makes it easier to manage your own expenses and grow your business.
  • You don’t have to track down missed payments. Instead, you can focus on the work you actually want to do.
  • No more awkward chats about outstanding invoices. Now you can use conversations with your client to build a stronger relationship.

For your client:

  • Your client saves time. They’ll never have to scour their inbox to find another invoice, or manually type in their credit card and submit payment. Instead, they can set it and forget it!
  • They can easily manage invoices and payments from the client dashboard.
  • They know they’re paying you on time. Missing a payment can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. When payments are made on time, everyone can feel good about their part in this relationship.

More Money, Fewer Problems

Once your client sets up recurring payments, everyone’s good to go! You’ll have income you can count on. You and your client will also have more time to do great work. And, building a smooth, lasting relationship will be that much easier.