Since launching our Timesheet Calendar integration last summer, we’ve been collecting feedback from our customers. Two issues have particularly stood out to us:

  • Not being able to access multiple calendars
  • Always having to enter the Project and Task for recurring calendar events

If either of these have rained on your parade, here’s a sprinkle of sunshine!

Accessing multiple calendars

Some customers need to access events from multiple calendars from their Google or account in Harvest, so we’ve added the ability to do exactly that! If you have multiple calendars we’ll show you a dropdown, allowing you to change where events are pulled from. Being able to access all of your calendars in Harvest means you’ll have all the necessary information to make time tracking faster.

Animation of calendar being changed

Remembering projects and tasks for recurring calendar events

I’m not going to lie – it’s kind of a drag having to enter the Project and Task for recurring calendar events, since they’re unlikely to change. We’ll now remember the Project/Task combination after the first Harvest timer you create for a recurring calendar event. Hey, it’s not a huge update – but it’s a nice quality-of-life improvement.

As always, we aim to help you track time quickly and with as little pain as possible. We hope these two updates make it a little easier for you to take advantage of our Timesheet Calendar integration!